The residents of the East Whins Cluster have formed the East Whins Residents Association to help look after their shared and communal assets, including hiring out their Sunshine Room and Den.

Sunshine Room
Sunshine Room

The resident are also are meeting regularly over delicious potluck dinners, and holding social events for their cluster throughout the year as well as having discussions and group meditations through which people grow closer.

The residents of the West Whins Cluster will also be invited to do similar and to form their association in time to look after their shared and communal assets. The potential residents, ie. the titleholders of the plots to date, are already meeting informally to get to know each other and to share ideas for how they would like to their communal facility.

As well as the private purchasers, and any private tenants in the clusters, both developments also contain a number of Park Ecovillage Trust owned or co-owned properties, providing residences for low-income families.

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