Delivering the Highest and Best for this Community

Duneland Community Meeting – Delivering the Highest and Best for this Community – on Sat 27th November at 2pm in the CC. Update on the 1B co-housing project and East Whins cluster opportunities. Fire protection work on the land.

Please join us on Saturday 27th November for the great opportunity to meet the Duneland board and shareholders, to find out the latest updates on the development of the East Whins Cluster and plans for the 1B co-housing project. Hopefully a few of the future residents of the East Whins Cluster and members of the group campaigning for The Park Housing Co-operative will also be there and you may be able to get a better sense of how the new homes will blend in with the rest of The Park.  There will be a tea break with time for individual chats and networking before the shareholders and the board will gather in the CC extension for a specific shareholders’ discussion.

The 1B Co-Housing Project – a new group is coming together to set up a cooperative that will take on the development of the co-housing cluster on 1B. Benefiting from the many years’ experience of the Wildgeese group we are now able to move forward decisively and implement co-housing principles on a higher level than we have been able in the developer-led East Whins cluster. This time it will be the group members that will engage from the beginning with the land, with the design, the creative tension between eco-spec and affordability. We are all excited about the potential gifts this process can bring to the cluster and to the community as a whole. If you want to be involved in this inspiring venture please get in touch with me soon.

Work on the land: Our inner work and specific visualizations have taken one step into realization as the gorse has been cleared off the land on the 1B site. We can now appreciate what a wonderful site this will be for the homes of the co-housing project and also more concretely envision how the large undeveloped spaces of the fire pit and the dancing green will interrelate with the habitation spaces. What an opportunity for conscious co-creation! When walking the land after the gorse was cleared it felt very welcoming and rejoicing – ready to get on with the task at hand. The essential fire prevention work in our gorse landscape has also been completed for this year around the woods and in conjunction with Findhorn Windpark around the windmills.

East Whins Cluster: Since August all of the 17 units Duneland board has released for sale to individuals have been spoken for. There are 8 units reserved and we hope that The Park Housing Co-operative will have raised sufficient funds to purchase them all. However this is not by all means certain and we would like to have a waiting list of community members who would be interested in buying any of the units that may become available. As it is Duneland’s prime objective to provide these houses to members of this community rather than sell them on the open market please talk to me if you would like to be considered as a prospective buyer. Specifically there is one of the two bedroom houses that could be available at this time due to the changing circumstances of one of the potential buyers.

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