Co-housing Opportunity at the Park

New opportunities arise as old doors close. A group is starting to form to take on developing the 1B cluster. Important community meeting to be held on Sat 27th November.
Last Friday I heard the sad news that Wild Geese Co-Housing Co-operative were not going to proceed with the group purchase of the land on the 1b Duneland site to the north of the Universal Hall at Findhorn as had been talked about for the last year.   So much work has gone into this idea and ideal of co-housing that it is not surprising that in the short time since this vacuum was created the seeds of a further co-housing initiative have been starting to form.

The ideas arising complement Duneland’s chosen way forward which is  to sell 1b as plots to individuals unless another group forms to take this on.  Our intention is to create a cluster development using co-housing principles and Duneland will back the project using its experience and network of professionals from its East Whins Cluster work.  Those who do not want to sign up to that level of involvement would be put on a waiting list which would come into play in April 2011 should not all 11 ‘market price’ plots be sold to individuals/ to a group supporting the co-housing concept.  Which ever way the land is built on, there would be a cohesive architectural language used and shared resources promoted.  An element of self build may well be possible for those with less capital.

Duneland is determined to make this project a reality as quickly as the group of buyers is able to move with this. The land already has Outline Planning Permission and services will be put in to the site in the next few months.  If all goes smoothly these houses could be ready for occupation by 2012/2013. The final outcome for 1B will depend on who comes forward and engages now and the level of collaboration and co-creation brought to the project by each individual.

It is important to note that 1b has to happen to allow all the good work to come to fruition which has been done so far in developing the East Whins Cluster (EWC), the Park Housing Co-operative (PHC) and honouring the good will of donors, benefactors and shareholders.  The land needs to be purchased in the next six months which gives a wonderful creative time pressure to ensure things move on swiftly and with a positive momentum!
Our next steps in the Magic Triangle development depends on individuals who wish to live at The Park and have some capital to build coming forward NOW to co-create an inspiring way forward. Please get in touch if that might be you or you know of someone who may seek this as an opportunity.
Important Duneland Project Update Meeting

This gathering with the title, “Delivering the Highest and Best for this Community”,  will take place in the Community Centre at 2pm on Saturday the 27th November. There will be the opportunity for community members to meet the board and shareholders and hear about the next huge steps for Duneland and our community.  You will also be able to meet our new board member, Drew Macfarlane-Slack, as well as prospective buyers from the East Whins cluster and members of The Park Housing Co-operative group. There will be important updates and sharing of information followed by a time for questions.  Please come along, find out crucial information, listen to others and bring your own questions and concerns.  By doing this we create together our future community.

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