Since 1981 the Findhorn Foundation Community has been involved in developing the ecovillage as a natural continuation of its work with nature. The ecovillage at The Park is a tangible demonstration of the links between the social, economic and spiritual aspects of life and is a synthesis of the very best of current thinking on sustainable human settlements. It is a constantly evolving model providing solutions to human and social needs while at the same time working in partnership with the environment to offer an enhanced quality of life for today and for the future. As well as being involved with the construction of new buildings, the wind turbines and other physical projects, the ‘human scale’ of the experiment has made community participation and involvement an integral part of the ecovillage.

The Findhorn ecovillage is a founding member of the Global Ecovillage Network (GEN) and has received Best Practice designation from the United Nations Centre for Human Settlement (Habitat). For more information of the UN connection please visit here.

Duneland’s involvement with the ecovillage centres on The Magic Triangle and there are some important smaller aspects in and around The Park.