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West Whins Co–Housing

In 2008 Moray Council approved the building of 40 homes in the Magic Triangle.
25 have been built at East Whins. Moray have just approved the building of 20 dwellings at West Whins.

Duneland proposes to sell 12 plots of land for single house development by the purchasers, and to develop 8 flats – 3 for sale off-plan, and 5 (25% of total units) will be community-owned, affordable flats.

Duneland proposes to develop communal facilities (specifics to be decided) that will be managed and maintained by the West Whins Residents Association.

The houses are arranged in an arc to follow the drop in land level and a gorse line that defines the fire pit area. Houses set out on this building line, with each house being different, will create a contrast to the due-south facing terraces of East Whins and will give West Whins its own distinct identity. Height limitations are as per the houses in East Whins, not the taller flats.

A range of plot sizes, from 130m2 to 400m2, will be available for purchase. Prices range from £55,000 to £105,000. These include for communal facilities.

Duneland have set design parameters to encourage architectural relationship between the new houses, to marry individualism and choice with neighbourly connection. A Duneland Design group will oversee the design process by plot purchasers to give the best chance of this approach succeeding. Designers are encouraged to use natural materials, high energy performance standards, and obliged to use renewable energy sources.

All comments on this proposal will be taken to Park Planning Group (PPG) on 5th of June 2013.

Eian Smith